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Salem Trust Online Security Upgrade

Beginning July 13, 2017 there will be a new electronic link with added security features to access your account:

Click here for account access beginning on July 13, 2017 (or copy and paste the following URL into your Web browser):

Beginning on July 13, 2017, Salem Trust Online has changed to the above URL (link). If you had bookmarked the old login location, please remember to update the link when you login for the first time after July 13. Other than a new URL, the new site will look and function like the current one. Please use your existing user ID and password when accessing the new site.

We are committed to a high level of security for those who access online statements and account data through Salem Trust Online. With this new enhancement, you will experience additional security through multi-factor authentication when you access your account. Please contact your Salem Trust client service representative if you have any questions.

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